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Start ranking higher on Google Image search! This app will generate SEO friendly ALT Text for existing and future products automagically.

Praises for ALT Text app:

★★★★★ "Perfectly linked to my store and easily downloaded all my products and created ALT text tags for all in a few minutes. I then ran a test to see how amazing it really is and if it worked- Lo and behold I search a product on google and my site is the first one that appears. Highly recommend using this app!"

—Sofly Com Au

★★★★★ "After writing the ALT text of about 5 of my over 200 products, I decided to look into an app. Within days I was able to have my pictures start ranking in Google search. Unbelievable how easy and good this app is.

—Crown Chakra Woodworking

★★★★★ "Easy to use/install, and have been registering increased traffic. Excited that ALT text is helping us share our joy of kites with an expanding audience."

—Canadian Kite Company

★★★★★ "This is great! I had over 2000 images and it added ALT text to each and everyone in a few hours. Checked it with an SEO checker and it all passed! Would definitely recommend this to everyone."

—Action Camping Outdoors

★★★★★ "App works as promised! When I search for a boot on Google, our images are now some of the first to show."

—Wild West Boot Store

★★★★★ "Very good app. Easy to install and very transparent on the way it works. Nice work from ShopApps. Looking forward to other useful apps from you!"

—Marie Tony

★★★★★ "So glad to have found this app. Hated having to add the ALT Text manually for all our products. Thank you for this service."

—Think Artisan

★★★★★ "Thank you, We have over 800 images and counting. We set the parameters and the app took care of the rest. Saved us loads of time!"

—Sunglass Trend

★★★★★ "I was ready to spend hours of my time performing this valuable SEO task, and then it was like a weight lifted of my shoulders to find this app instead. Many thanks."

—Little Earth Nest

★★★★★ "A month after installing ALT Text (which required little to no effort), my sales and site traffic have increased dramatically. I only wish I had found this app sooner!!!"

—Nerd Farm

★★★★★ "Done in 5 min and I won't need anymore to spend time putting ALT Text on my pictures. Great!"

—Certi Cycle

★★★★★ "This was super-easy to use. It seriously was 1 click to get it working... and that means a lot to me because I don't have access to my code. :) When I checked out the alt text examples, it was exactly what I would have wanted. Thanks ShopApps!"


Search Engine Friendly Images

If you'd like to search engine optimize your images for Google, there's a white hat way to do it without getting penalized. It's called alternative text or ALT Text, a helpful attribute that you can add to your images. All you have to do is add a single keyword or a short keyword phrase to your images to make them more accessible on the Web.

Adding alternative text not only gives you another way to boost your search rankings but also helps people with cognitive disabilities to understand the context of your images. You're probably excited about alternative text and ready to get started but don't know how. Well, we're here to help with that.

Introducing ALT Text, the #1 Easy-to-Use App for Shopify

With ALT Text, you can easily add alternative text to your images and publish them on the Web for your store. If you're still unsure how ALT Text can help you, look at it this way.

Alternative text is nothing more than a description for your image that helps the search engines understand its context. For example, you're selling a gold watch on your store and have uploaded an image to match the product. You and your customers can look at the image and know that it's a watch. However, the search engine has no clue what it is without a description.

ALT Text helps the search engines "see" your images.

Using alternative text provides added value to your readers and the search engines. With alternative text, you have another place to add your company name, a keyword and SEO-friendly text to accompany the image. Keep in mind: Search engines can detect keyword spamming in alternative text and drop your site in the rankings. With ALT Text, you don't have to worry about writing the alternative text yourself. It does most of the work for you.

How ALT Text Works for You

ALT Text dynamically generates alternative text for products with a single click. Stores can string together small snippets of code to create SEO-friendly alternate text for their product imagery. Just assemble the text together. As an example: {Product Name} - {Product Category} - {Store Name}.

Once you assemble the text together, ALT Text generates SEO alternative text for every product on your store. In this case, it may look like: {Awesome Brand Gold Watch} - {Women's Watches} - {}.

ALT Text automatically syncs daily to ensure all new products have SEO-friendly alternative text created. Even better, it does it without any additional work on your part. Just string the text together, and watch ALT Text improve traffic from all the search engines.

Start Using ALT Text Today

Don't fiddle with writing alternative text for every image on your site. Make your job easier with ALT Text. When you want an extra boost in the search engines and to push your store to the top of the rankings, you need ALT Text for Shopify.

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