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Allow customers to ask questions about products and show them on the product page. Send email notifications on every new question.

Are you guilty of neglecting this important page? A page, that when given the proper attention, can actually boost your conversions and more importantly your:


Here is the key to let your customers ask you anything about the product and show them on the product page.

Nowadays, FAQ page represents one of the most valuable moments in a conversion funnel. Nowhere else does a visitor so deliberately indicate that they want to know the details of your product or service.

All the big brands like Amazon, Ebay etc uses this approach to make their customer's life easier and increase their sales by 30%.

so, here is the perfect solution for you. Just install and add FAQ according to your need and design can be customized as your comfort.

This app shows a widget on the product page and lets customers ask questions about the product. Whenever a customer asks questions, a notification email sends to the email address set by in admin panel. Also, the owner can edit the questions and answers asked by a customer and publish them on a product page in an accordion layout.


  • Customizable: Every single part is customizable whether it is design, text or code.

  • Bulk actions: Edit, Publish, Unpublish or Delete questions or answers

  • Notifications: Notify you whenever a user ask a new question.

  • Accordion Layout: Shows questions and answers in accordion layout. However this layout can be changed with small changes in code.

To see what askQuestions looks like on the storefront, view
this example product

Please contact on OR email address for any query or issue while installing. We will install it for you without any cost :)

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