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Link your Shopify Shop to your Accounting System

BizFusion is online accounting software for small businesses.

BizFusion users can link one or more Shopify shops to their accounting system. You can easily import your orders, products and customers.

Each Shopify order gets translated into an invoice and is posted to your accounting system. Your inventory is automatically adjusted with each sale.


BizFusion contains an integrated inventory module. This means that your inventory levels are automatically adjusted after each shipment, receive and return of goods. Each inventory adjustment is also automatically posted to your accounting system. This means that you never have to manually calculate your Cost of Goods Sold amount.

Tax System

BizFusion supports European VAT, US Sales Tax, Canadian HST/GST/PST
and even compound tax rates. European and US businesses don't have to perform any tax setup. You can immediately start importing your orders.

You need to perform a onetime setup if your business deals with compound tax rates. Consult the Shopify section in our online manual.


BizFusion is available in English and Dutch. Your ledger schema is also available in English and Dutch. Go to: 'Setup > Config. Panel' to adjust your language settings.


You need a subscription to BizFusion in order to use this plugin. BizFusion costs 129 euro p/year.


You can create a free trial account. Important: register your account before you install the plugin.

You will create a whole lot of test data during your trial period. You can easily reset your test account by going to: 'Setup > Reset ledger'.
This will remove all your transactions, like your invoices, purchases and receipts. Your core data, like your customers and products, will be kept intact.


This plugin/app is in Beta and we value your feedback!

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