Bulk Edit

Developed by Webyze

Make bulk edits very easily by 1) searching, 2) selecting and 3) applying modifications on hundreds product variants with few clicks!

Bulk Edit - Made Simple

Bulk Edit is the App every store owner should start using. It lets you save time by letting you edit hundreds of products in few clicks! It is very easy to use and the UI is very User Friendly.

Focus on products and less on management

Bulk Edit lets you focus more on the products and less on managing the inventory, editing prices, making bulk discounts...


Bulk Edit lets you change different products or variant properties in few clicks. You can add or remove products from collections, add 10$ in the price of different variants, set inventory, make bulk discounts...

Here is a list of properties you can change:

  • Collections (Add / Remove products from collections)

  • Product Type

  • Tags (Add/Remove/Set tags of a product)

  • Vendor

  • Price (Add/Subtract/Set variant prices in $ or in % of the original price - discounts)

  • Compare at Price (Same as price)

  • Inventory (Add/Subtract/Set inventory for variants)

  • Weight (Add/Subtract/Set weight for variants)

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Bulk Edit lets you save time by letting you edit hundreds of products in few clicks! It is very easy to use and the UI is very User Friendly.

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