Bulk Product Edit | Update price, inventory, tags, vendors, titles, collections in batches

Developed by Hextom

Edit product price, compared at price, tag, title, vendor, collection, inventory in bulk with only a few clicks, no more manually editing

Managing a store with hundreds of products is not easy. From time to time, you need to decrease prices by 20% for a time based sale; adding a tag to hundreds of products to optimize searches

Don't do it manually because repetitive editing work is what this app is best at.


  • Filter products to edit by collection, product type, vendor, tags or combination of those

  • Preview what products are going to be edited based on your filters.

  • Edit price, compared at price, tags, title, vendor, product type, weight and inventory

  • Review what products have been edited in logs

  • Revert/Undo any changes that have been made

Use cases:

  • Change all product inventory to 100

  • Increase price by 20% for products in a collection

  • Set compared at price at 150% of the actual price for products in a smart collection

  • Set weight to 0.2kg for products whose product type is "T-shirt"

  • Update the product type from “Clothing" to "T-shirt"

  • Add tag "accessory" to products which are currently tagged as "necklace"

1 click installation!

0 developers needed!

Save time managing products from today!


  • 7-day FREE trial

  • 9.99/month after the free trial


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