Buy X Get One

Developed by SuppleApps

Sell more using Special Offers / Product Bundles with custom Discounts, similar to "Buy this, Get that at 50%" or "Buy 2, Get 1 free".

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Diversified Special Offers / Product Bundles

Create as many special offers as it makes sense for your shop

  • Buy one, get one at 50% (BOGO)

  • Buy two, get one free

  • Buy a pair of shoes, get 30% Off from any bag!

  • Buy a womens top, and get one for him too, at 20% Off

  • Half-priced beanies for every Tank or Tee!

No discount codes needed. App automatically discounts smallest priced items in cart.

Multiple simultaneous offers work fine, even for same collections. Offers are applied in Title order (e.g. 1. Buy 3 Get One free, 2. Buy 2 Get One at 50%)

Cross-sell products

Cross-sell messages show up in cart in a friendly way, exactly as you defined them. No popups are used.

Great for accessories that customers might forget about. For example, when there's a pair of shoes in cart, but no cleaner, app shows "Add a shoes leather cleaning kit at 20% off".

Pro Tip: Make it easier for customers to reach offered items by linking to collection or search results inside the offer message.

100% translatable in any language, even the "% Off" part

Free gift with every order over a specific amount

In offer details > Settings, choose to Apply only when cart total amount is over..., if you'd like to apply only a specific number of times per order. Great for "Free gift with every order over $50".

In offer details > Settings, choose to Limit offer to a maximum of ..., if you'd like to apply only a specific number of times per order. Great for "Free gift with every order" to limit number of gifts.

Customers can choose their gift from a collection, or it can be added automatically to cart.

Product Bundles and Quantity Discounts

  • Bundle related products (e.g. Camera with memory card, Leather jacket with special cleaning kit)

  • Offer discounts for larger quantities in the form of "For every two widgets, get a free one"

App limitation: With this app, Product Bundles work only for bundles in the form of Buy X products from selected collections, Get One at discount from selected collections. It doesn't work with bundles such as Buy a shirt, a tee and a beanie, and Get % off of all order.

Great for cross-selling, bundles and related products

Be creative with your offers and put this app to work!

  • Clear inventory in a creative way, instead of simply putting an item on sale

  • Bundle slow selling items at a discount with products that fly off the shelves

  • Ask customers to buy with friends and split savings. A single person won't want 3 jerseys, but friends & family might be interested.

One-time setup

In order to work, this app requires changes to your theme code.
Click here for setup instructions


How can I select just a handful or products to include in an offer?

Create a hidden collection, and add hand-picked products to it.
Separate this collection from regular ones by naming it "Special Offer something", so it's easy to find later.

What are the known limitations? (these apply to all apps which duplicate variants or products, we're the only ones telling you in advance)

Products in discounted collections should have a maximum of 2 existing options (we'll add a 3rd, and Shopify allows only up to 3 options).

Products in discounted collections should have a maximum of 50 existing variants (we'll double those, and Shopify allows only up to 100 variants).

Inventory management apps (e.g. StichLabs) aren't compatible with apps duplicating variants or products, such as this one. Althrough we do update Shopify Inventory to make up for orders with duplicated variants, StichLabs has the "master" version of inventory and will overwrite our updates.

ShopPad app is not compatible with Buy X Get One -- discounted variants aren't hidden and customers can simply add them to cart, without purchasing full-price variants.
Solution: Uninstall ShopPad and use a responsive theme instead, or your existing theme for mobile too.

Facebook Store app is not 100% compatible with Buy X Get One.
Solution: Go to Facebook store app preferences and choose "(o) Customers are redirected to my shop after clicking a product on my Facebook Store".

The new Facebook and Pinterest channels will not list products part of the offers.

Digital downloads don't work properly. Because of the duplicate variants, files would have to be re-assigned to duplicated variants.

Gift cards cannot be offered discounted. For gift cards, the exact gift price must be paid.

The app doesn't work with Internet Explorer 9 or older, due to lack of browser support for required Javascript functionality.

AJAX Cart popups need to be disabled in theme preferences. All other popups, such as Coupons or News letter sign up, work fine.

Can one make fraudulent orders?

Due to how Shopify and these kind of apps work (by creating hidden product variants), a software engineer can actually manage to add to cart the discounted variants, and skip the check done by the app by going directly to checkout. One could also change quantities and directly click on checkout button, skipping cart Update.

That's why we setup a system which checks every order againts current active offers. When it finds a potential problem, it sends warning emails with a link to order details for manual review.

You'll also get these emails when offers aren't applied (that is, customers paid full price). This happens with Internet Explorer 9 browser and older, due to lack of browser support for required JavaScript functionality.
It might ocassionally happen on other browsers, if other functionality or widgets on your site generate a JavaScript error.
The offers work with Internet explorer 10 or newer, and all other modern browsers, including Opera, including tablets and smartphones.

I'd like to remove the app. How should I handle the variants it created?

Before uninstall, delete all Special Offers and and click "Synchronise discounted product variants". All BuyXDiscount variants created by the app will be removed.

If you already removed the app, re-install from and click Synchronize button without any offers created. There is no need to start subscription. When completed, uninstall again.


Buy X app has helped to increase my online sales. It is definitely the to-go app when it comes to BOGO promotions.

Just Simply Baby

I had this for a month or two... and they were SUPER fast in getting it set up, and then uninstalled without any problems. I thought I could live without this app. Well, I couldn't. I tried other apps, that were a few bucks cheaper. Nothing came close to what this app can do. I stupidly told my customers there would be a bogo sale tomorrow.. (thinking my other cheap app would do the trick). Here I am, a few hours from our sale launch, and my dumb cheap app didn't work. I quickly re-installed buy x get one


As compared to the other apps that I am using, Buy X is a very responsive app. If you're intending to run any BOGO promotions, this is what you need.

Trail Designs

This app solves a major but simple problem. One of the most important deals we offer our customers is to buy one product and get a related product at X% off (buy a camp stove, get a pot/pan at 20% for example).

The installation is a bit complex. Since it was only $25 to have Supple Apps do it, I figured why not? It was done super fast.

App is working well and the support is fantastic, helping us clear a major hurdle in migrating from Ubercart to Shopify.


We have a buy 5 bow ties get the 6th free and tried bold apps first, but there app does not work for buy x get one free. Buy x get one is a fantastic app that has some great customer service backing it up. If you need a buy x app then add this one with confidence!

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