Choice AI

Developed by MineWhat Inc

Predict what a shopper is likely to buy in a few clicks and automatically personalize their experience in real time!

Automated real time personalization for your store!

Choice AI is an artificial intelligence based real-time sales assistant for online retailers. We enable the e-commerce stores to automate product discovery with our interactive e-commerce solutions and personalize their shopping experiences.

No more boring recommendations based on sweeping aggregates and approximations. Choice is the pioneer in intelligent systems that factor in what the customer likes and dislikes together. Choice AI is an artificial intelligence based real-time shopping assistant for online stores. The features that draw an exclusive niche for us would be: -

  • Human like intuition: Deep learning of consumer behavioral data and a fine-tuned feedback system enables the smart algorithm to mimic custom preferences and relate it to products, brands and categories.
  • Nudging Shoppers: Choice uses intelligent heuristics to stimulate shopper psyche with subtle hints, overtones and suggestions while giving the shopper freedom to choose the right product for themselves. This way Choice positively reinforces the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Non- intrusive Shopping Experience: Choice connects with the shopper through an in-store widget. That way the app does not hijack the natural experience of the online store. Summoning Choice for assistance and minimizing it is as easy as a single click.
  • So if you are wondering, Why Choice? The answer lies within the constraints faced by most of the online shoppers and store owners, for instance

  • Most Shoppers don’t Know what they want, and they get ideas while shopping. So relevant suggestions and guidance eases their experience.

    50% of potential sales are lost because your shoppers can't find what they are looking for - Forrester Research.

  • Unlike in a regular brick and mortar store, shoppers in an online store face difficulty in expressing their need. The interactive e-commerce experience with Choice can resolve their problem.

    73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that personalize shopping experiences – Digital trends.

  • Most of the shoppers have to go through each and every product description to evaluate and narrow down their options. Why make your shoppers endure the hassles when Choice can help them with product feature suggestion?
  • With a diverse selection ranging from informed, casual, experience and value buyers visiting one’s store, Customer engagement becomes a perturbing area for any store owner. For such cases, Choice has been designed to engage with all of them irrespective of the category they belong.
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