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CircleUp funds innovative consumer & retail companies by connecting them with passionate and accredited investors.

Why should I raise money through CircleUp?

At CircleUp, we are solely focused on working with consumer products and retail companies-it’s all we do.

Even more significantly, companies may benefit from being part of the CircleUp community. Many of the investors on our platform have deep experience in consumer products and growth stage companies. They are able to provide strategic guidance and support to companies on CircleUp. Additionally, these investors may act as brand champions within their own networks, building recognition and support for the companies they’ve invested in.

How does it work?

Entrepreneurs apply to join CircleUp and their companies are then evaluated by a team of private equity professionals. Company applicants should be aware that CircleUp lists consumer and retail companies. We review a company's materials and consider whether the company is a good fit for the investors on the platform. We conduct background checks on both the company and entrepreneur and perform other industry specific research. Once reviews are complete, the company may be listed on the site. Currently, only a very small percentage of prospective companies are accepted on the site.

Once listed on the site, your raise will be evaluated by our community of accredited investors with each of them deciding whether to invest in your company.

What are the benefits of accredited investor crowdfunding on CircleUp?

Accelerate fundraising, saving months of your time

Fundraising can consume a great deal of time over many months, time that could be spent building your business. CircleUp’s average funding time is 2-3 months; this frees companies up to do what they do best—perfect and market their products.

Connect with investors focused on consumer products and retail

CircleUp has a large community of accredited investors, many of whom have deep market experience, either as successful entrepreneurs giving back, or as people who love investing in the next generation of consumer businesses.

Control who has access to your round

CircleUp provides entrepreneurs the ability to screen interested investors and select the most relevant ones for their companies as well as structure the terms of their raises.

Access our partners: General Mills, P&G, and SPINs

CircleUp partners with the some of the biggest and most relevant strategic companies in the industry, both to provide them with information about innovations in consumer and retail and to share their expertise with our entrepreneurs at Incubator Days and other events.

Leverage our experienced team

The CircleUp team, with its deep experience in consumer products and finance - comes from firms like TSG Consumer Partners, Encore Consumer Capital, JH Partners, H.I.G. Capital, and Goldman Sachs, works closely with entrepreneurs throughout the entire raise process.

CircleUp Funding Stories

Rhythm Superfoods

Rhythm was looking for a way to diversify beyond their regional angel networks and to raise funds to automate manufacturing and invest in sales and marketing. CircleUp liked their solid annual growth, and their positioning as a leading kale chip manufacturer in the US. Rhythm also had great distribution across major national and conventional retailers.

  • $763,601 raised with CircleUp's help
  • 10 Investors
  • Raised in less than a month

Little Duck Organics

Little Duck Organics was looking for funding to help grow their sales team and increase distribution. CircleUp liked their incredible market traction among Brooklyn families, strong base of existing investors, top tier distribution deals, and differentiated product—no-sugar-added fruit snacks using the most nutritious natural ingredients available.

  • $890,000 raised with CircleUp's help
  • 24 Investors
  • Raised in 3 months

Bhakti Chai

Brook Eddy, Founder of Bhakti Chai was searching for an efficient funding source beyond her local angel network to automate manufacturing and invest in sales and marketing. CircleUp liked the company’s consistently strong growth, unique positioning within a $7B tea market, the focus on fresh ingredients, and the strong community of fans and followers.

  • $865,000 raised with CircleUp's help
  • 24 Investors
  • Raised in 3 months

Note: Not all fundraising efforts are successful on the CircleUp platform. CircleUp evaluates all applicants individually and cannot guarantee a completed capital raise.

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