Currency Switch · Automatic Exchange Rate \u0026 Currency Converter

Developed by Checkend

Automatically Change Your Price Currency Based On Visitor's Location. Easy Installation. Exchange Rates Updated Hourly.

Automatic Currency Conversion For Your International Customers

Expand Your Business Internationally

Show customers their home currency on your website

Let your customers know you sell internationally by showing prices in their home currency.

Currency Switch automatically detects currencies of your websites’ visitors and updates prices accordingly.

✓ Let Your Customers See Prices In Their Own Currencies

Did you know that international buyers are more confident and willing to buy from you if they see your shop’s prices in their home currencies?

Signal to your customers you sell internationally with automatic currency exchange.

✓ Simple Integration Into Your Shop's Theme

Little to no HTML Liquid installation required. We can help with the installation process and help you integrate with other apps and your site’s themes.

✓ Features:

  • Hourly update of exchange rates

  • Automatic currency selection based on website visitor’s IP address

  • Also allows your customer to manually select exchange rates

✓ Easy Installation

Checkend Apps are known for easy installations. Some liquid template modification may be required. We can help!


That's right! You can get started using the app for free with our free trial.

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