E-conomic Accountancy \u0026 Bookkeeping Integrator (by CarryTheOne)

Developed by CarryTheOne

Real-time importing of orders/refunds & customers from Shopify to E-conomic. Includes inventory/stock integration, automatic payments & more

Important: You need to first sign up and create an account at CarryTheOne before installing this Shopify App. The service has a 30 day free trial.

If you decide this service is not for you, please cancel your PayPal subscription for the service or write to us directly - removing the App from your Shopify store is not sufficient.

Connect Shopify and E-conomic with CarryTheOne

Link your Shopify store(s) with E-conomic accounting & bookkeeping software and import all your orders automatically in real time. You can choose whether orders should be imported as E-conomic orders or invoices. The integration will automatically create customers/clients in E-conomic where required and if desired can also automatically create products and invoice/order payments. The connector is compatible with E-conomic's Stock Management module.

If you currently input each sale manually and generate around 5 or 6 orders a day, our service promises to save you over 10 man-hours a month.

As sales volumes increase you will benefit from a streamlined post sales process and automatic tax calculations.

Also compatible with Shopify POS (Shopify's Point-of-Sale system) so that you may automate accounting for your physical store as well as your online store!

Can also import order refunds as credit notes in E-conomic to further streamline your accounting.

Developed by CarryTheOne.


  • Free 30 day trial. Then $31.99 USD per month.

  • Free Set-up

  • Free support and upgrades

What is E-conomic?

One of the world's leading online accountancy & bookkeeping SaaS applications providing full functionality including stock control.

E-conomic offers support for all international tax systems and currencies and has dedicated offices in several countries.

There is a vast range of reports, including balance sheet and profit & loss.

Visit E-conomic.

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