Developed by elevio

Display your whole knowledge base in a handy tab on your site and in popups, so your users can find the help they need, where they need it.

elevio exists to empower site owners with knowledge they can use to improve their sites UX and increase user satisfaction by showing support information to users right where and when it’s needed most, and tracking the effectiveness of the provided support.

Having an FAQ system or a knowledge base is fantastic, but elevio strives to remove the separation of your knowledge base and your site by displaying your knowledge base inside a browse-able tab on each page of your site, and allowing any tip to be shown as a popup when a related element on the page is clicked.

Identify your sites roadblocks

Being able to see which pages are causing the most confusion, and which tips are being viewed the most, allows site owners to identify road blocks and frustration with their users, letting them know where their attention is needed most to improve their user experience.

Knowledge base integration

Site owners can create new articles as they like or sync elevio with their existing Desk.com / Zendesk / Uservoice knowledge base articles with elevio, which will populate the tab on their site and allow them to show any of their existing articles in an inline contextual popup.

Live chat integration

To keep things flowing even better, we support live chat clients Olark, LiveChat and Zopim.

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