Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush

Developed by TK Digital Ltd

A simple to use browser push notification solution for e-commerce. Re-engage your customers, even after they’ve left your store.

Automated web push notifications

Cart abandonment pushes.
This will send 3 push notifications to users who have abandoned their shopping carts, giving you more opportunities to complete each sale.

Order delivery notifications.
Update your customer every step of the way on every delivery.

Price drop push.
It will allow your shoppers to subscribe for the price drop alerts. Push notification will be sent to all subscribed users once the price of the product goes down

Promo push.
Get your product info out to literally thousands with just one click. Our Promo push will let you spread the word about your latest deals and newest products to your entire subscriber network, giving your store a real sales push where it matters.

Admin pushes.
Keep up to date with sales, orders and stock levels with your specially tailored Shop Owner Update pushes

Back in stock push.
Let your customers create wish-lists of those in demand and out of stock items. This will make them feel they are first in line when the item is back in stock.

Coupon code.
Reward your new push notification subscribers with special discount code pushes.

Welcome push.
Welcomes all new subscribers and allows them to familiarize themselves with the format.

Be one of the first Shopify stores to benefit from the new FirePush channel today! Check out Live demo store

Fully customizable Sign-up box

Collect subscribers who want to keep track of your store's best deals and newest arrivals

  1. Discount code sign-up box (demo)

  2. Order delivery sign-up box (demo)

  3. Price drop sign-up box (demo)

  4. WishList sign-up box (demo)

What makes Firepush special?

A ready to install, one stop solution for all your push notification needs.
No mobile app, no HTTPS or any developer support needed. Just one click and you’re ready to go. Compatible with your Shopify template. Watch setup tutorial

Automated push notifications tailored to fit each customer.

Sends Mobile and desktop browser push notifications that match the unique profile set up by your customer, helping you to maximise their purchasing potential.

11+ unique messages to help guarantee maximum consumer spend. Firepush has been designed to help you make the most of your customer.
Supports: Google Chrome 42+, FireFox - coming soon

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