Developed by LiveChat

Live chat software that helps you talk to website visitors, provide them with amazing customer service and convert them into customers.

LiveChat is a powerful, fast and intuitive app, enabling your sales representatives to contact customers on the website. Help online visitors find what they need and convert them into customers.

LiveChat is available through a web browser and desktop apps for PC and Mac. Operators can chat with visitors on the go with LiveChat for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Key LiveChat advantages

  • Increase of sales conversion rate up to 25%

  • Instant customer contact with sales people

  • Increase of customer satisfaction and loyality

  • Stunning looks and social media fanbase generation

Chat Window

Easy to customize and rebrandable chat window. Out-of-the-box style templates.

Traffic monitoring

Track visitors in real time. Automatically invite them to chat if they abandon an order or shopping cart, and save the sale.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports for each agent with the number of chats, invitations or time spent with the customer.

Multiple languages

LiveChat works in over 41 languages.

Compatible with all browsers

  • Internet Explorer

  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Opera

  • Safari

  • Web Mobile

Feature list

Agent application:

  • Chat supervision

  • Customer message typing sneak-peek

  • Proactive invitations with an automated invitation triggering system

  • Whispering invisible messages in-chat to aid the sales process

  • Access to chat history with returning visitor recognition

  • Chat transfers between agents and departments

  • Audible and visual notifications

  • Customer details including current page address,

  • Unlimited concurrent chats displayed in tabs or windows

  • Queueing visitors

  • Banning of abusive visitors

  • Canned responses

  • Facebook details and pictures of customers logging in via FB Connect

Customer's window:

  • Access from any web browser equipped device

  • Typing indication

  • Twitter, Facebook fanpage, Facebook Like, Google +1 buttons

  • Logging in using Facebook

  • Rate Me! system to evaluate performance of agents

  • Sending the chat log to your e-mail address

  • Pre-Chat surveys

  • Post-Chat surveys

  • Offline message form if after hours

  • Audible and visual notifications of replies

Website monitoring:

  • Activity on the website displayed in real time

  • Visitor status: Online, Invited, Chatting, Offline and more

  • Referring pages

  • Keywords

  • Visit history

  • Browser, language, country, city

  • Notifications about new visitors

  • Multiple websites supported


  • Pre-defined chat window templates

  • Branding LiveChat with company logos

  • Custom color scheme generator

  • Chat Buttons, Standard Invitations and Personal Invitations and trigger galleries

  • Upload of custom Chat Buttons, Standard Invitations, Personal Invitation and trigger graphics

  • Easily customizable your Pre-chat Surveys, Post-chat Surveys and Offline Message forms

  • Shared environment of common Canned Responses, URL Addresses and Push Pages

  • CRM Integration

  • 3rd party apps


  • Pre-Chat and Post-Chat Surveys

  • Agent availability

  • Chat-to-goal conversion gauge

  • Queue waiting, queue abandonment

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Invitations to chats ratio

  • Agent performance ratings with avg. chatting time

  • Customer satisfaction with agent comparison charts

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