LiveSupporti - Live Chat Software

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Increase sales and turn your website visitors into customers.

Live Chat for your Shopify store

LiveSupporti allows you to chat with the visitors browsing your store and increase your sales.


  • Branding - you can customize the colors of your chat box, use your own company logo, upload pictures of your agents and add attention grabber.

  • Multilingual - your chat box can be displayed in any language you want. You just add your languages and the chat box detects automatically the language of your visitors.

  • Custom dimensions - you can set the height and the width of your chat box.

  • Automatic messages - you can show different messages on different pages which will be displayed after specified amount of time.

  • Offline messages - when you are not online your visitors can leave you a message and you can get email notification.

  • Groups - you can assign your agents to different groups, e.g. Sales, Support

  • Visitor information - you can view where your visitors came from, how long they are browsing your website, how long they are on specific page, their country, IP, operating system and device.

  • Chat history - you can view your past chats.

  • Notifications - you receive notifications on your desktop and mobile phone when someone sends you a message.

  • File transfers - your visitors can send you files and your agents can send files to your visitors.

  • Shortcuts - use them when you don't want to type same answer over and over.

  • Visitor transfer - one agent can transfer the chat to another agent.

  • Statistics - you can view the number of your chats and missed chats.

  • Filters - you can set up your chat box in way that it will be visible only for visitors from specific countries.

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