Message Mate

Developed by OwnerListens Inc.

Engage customers and increase sales with this mobile aware IM and text messaging solution, harnessing the power of the OwnerListens platform

How do you increase your sales and minimize abandoned carts? You've probably been told that you need to answer customer questions in real time, which is true. So maybe you add your cell number or a live chat feature. But not everyone likes chat, you can't afford to be connected to it at all hours, and just wait until the telemarketers start calling at 1:00 AM because their bot found your number online.

Let's face it - your customers don't want to call you. And they don't have time for a live chat either. They'd rather text you so they can take the conversation with them anywhere, and continue it at anytime. Message Mate allows shop owners to answer questions, assist with the sales process and address complaints all via text, from their phone.

One of the top reasons for decreased sales and cart abandonment is the inability to communicate effectively. Message Mate encourages potential customers to text you, in free form, and thus results in increased sales conversions. It's as simple as that!

With the Secure Plan, all parties' personal mobile numbers – yours, your employees’, and your customers’ – remain hidden. Up to three users can receive and respond to incoming messages via SMS, email, and a web dashboard. And you can even add automated responses and post-conversation rating requests.

Sell more, with Message Mate. Choose any US area code (subject to availability), and get your first 14 days for free.

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