Modify Promotional Lightbox

Developed by Mod Media

A promotional popup lightbox for your Shopify site. Promote products, discounts, pages or Mailchimp newsletter signup via a pop up window.

Promotional Lightbox is an easy to install and easy to configure app
which allows your Shopify site to have a promotional popup lightbox.

Easy to use with no coding

  1. Simple integration feed into Shopify Customers, Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Campaign Monitor. Can be configured for other platforms as well.

  2. Set an image as your background (promoting: a product, a
    site, a discount etc.)

  3. Enter the URL where you would like the image to link

  4. Enter your Mailchimp form action if you would like to get
    more newsletter subscribers. (optional)

Other features:

  • Inbuilt reporting on the success of each lightbox.

  • Save multiple Lightboxes for use at a later date.

  • Mobile Responsive.

  • Control the animation of your lightbox.

  • Control the color and opacity for the overlay

  • Control the time in seconds you want the lightbox to be
    displayed after the page is completely loaded.

  • Control the positioning of your newsletter signup

  • Preview your Lightboxes before making them

  • Track signups and export them in multiple formats.

Lightbox will display (once per day) when your clients view any
page on your website.

Starter Version Features:

  • Active a Lightbox site wide

  • Display an image in lightbox

  • Mailchimp and Shopify Newsletter Integration

  • Fire after seconds / on click element

  • Statistics on the performance of your lightbox

  • Track signups and export them in multiple formats.

Premium Version Features:

  • Unlimited Lightboxes

  • Select where your lightbox appears (homepage, collection, products, cart, page etc.)

  • Display an image in your lightbox, or use a Page or Snippet to control your lightbox

  • Mailchimp and Shopify Signup Integration

  • Fire after specific time on your site / on click element / after x seconds of browsing / on leaving the page at top of browser / after amount of clicks in the website

  • Geolocation (select which countries will see which specific lightboxes)

  • Add Video, Custom Content by using pages or snippets (surveys, forms etc.)

  • Ability to set the location and timezone for your statistics for the performance of your lightboxes

  • AJAX integration with Mailchimp to reduce multiple step signups

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