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Product reviews and Smart email marketing at the distance of a click.

The best product reviews app for your Shopify store.

Orankl gives you the tools that big merchants like Amazon use to maximize sales. Reviews are extremely important for online stores, not only in terms of transmitting trust to your customers but also because they can drive more traffic (Google loves to see that you have user generated content and that will increase your page rank) and more conversions (people like to see that other people are buying from you).

★★★★★ "I will recommend everyone to go with Orankl, it's the best review app for Shopify. I will give seven stars if possible." - maitrephilippe.com

Orankl comes with several features to increase your store's traffic, overall trust and sales:

  • Top of the line review system

  • Smart email marketing

  • Fully customizable review form

  • Improved SEO for better Page Rank

  • Rating stars on your Google searches (Google Rich Snippets)

  • Email after purchase

  • Private messages with reviewers

Orankl in the press: "Orankl Gives Vendors The Same Tools as Amazon"- featured on Techcrunch

✓ Reviews

With Orankl it is incredibly easy to have reviews on your store. Reviews alone have been shown to increase sales on average by 20%. Our review system will:

  • Increase consumer trust

  • Reduce return rates

  • Drive traffic coming from search engines

  • Adapt to your page’s design

Every time you fulfill an order, a few days later we send an email asking for a review, which your customers can submit right through their inbox!

✓ Email marketing and product recommendations

In the email we send asking for a review we will recommend other products in your store your customers might be interested in buying (similar to what Amazon does). In e-commerce, 43% of the sales are due to returning customers, and with Orankl, we will help you take advantage of this.

Integration is free and simple, no credit card necessary. In less than a minute, you could have smart email marketing and reviews in your store.

✓ Email Past Customers

With Orankl we give you the opportunity to email your past customers and collect reviews from them. This way you have reviews on your store from day 1!

★★★★★ "Just signed up and the reviews started coming in right away" - Cheesyplace

✓ SEO Optimization and Rich Snippets

Reviews represent original content written by your customers. This content is indexed by search engines and will improve your page rank. Your page rank can be further improved with Rich Snippets which allow you to display the star ratings on Google searches. Increasing your SEO means you will show up higher in the search results which will drive more organic traffic to your online store.

✓ Easy Integration

It is a simple one click integration and we take care of everything else while you enjoy the rest of your day. =)

✓ Multi Language Support

With Orankl it does not matter where you are selling products. Reach any market around the world with Orankl's multi-language support.

✓ Import/Export reviews

Are you migrating from another reviews platform? All your reviews can easily be imported into Orankl. Want to share your reviews? You can easily export the reviews gathered with Orankl.

★★★★★ "I have been going back and forth from a few review systems for 4 months now. Long story short Orankl is the best." - Grottosvapors

✓ Outstanding Customer Service

We are here to help you if anything happens. We provide support by phone, livechat and email.

★★★★★ "This app really deserves more than 5 stars. I'll just go ahead and give you 10 stars, haha! Because this app and the customer service is fantastic! Other apps should really learn from these guys." - Big Edge

✓ Private messages with reviewers

Talk with your reviewers to understand the reasons behind bad reviews and win customers back and also to thank good reviewers.

✓ Customizable review form

Orankl gives you total freedom to change the review form as you like. From small color changes to a complete styling customization, we can accommodate every need.

☞ An app made for Shopify Experts and Consulting firms

If you are a Shopify expert or a consulting firm and want to integrate Orankl in your clients' stores check out our partners page . We allow you to fully customize the review form and also give you access to our engineering team help 24/7 to make sure that every integration is seamless and perfect.

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