Popup Coupons

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The best app on Shopify. Increase sales by 20-30% with customer popups, discounts and with DIRECT links from Facebook to your shop product.


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Shopify's best app for popup marketing. Popup Coupons puts direct links to your products on your customers walls, removing click walls for your customer's friends and driving more traffic directly to your store.

Fine grain control of your popup marketing strategies

Boost your web store conversion rates and increase your product visibility on social media using popup coupon!

  • Convert visitors into customers with targeted, customisable offers. Boost your Shopify sales by 20% - 30%!

  • Grow your email marketing database quickly and effectively

  • Increase your stores reach with Facebook sharing by giving your customers incentive to spread the word for you!

  • Surgical precision marketing strategy with 'Per product' popups - Popups which only appear on chosen products, collections or vendors

  • When a customer shares a product on their page, have it link directly back to that product on your shop. This is the best app to remove the clickwall for customers coming from Facebook.

  • Multiple options for the best control of how and when your popups are displayed, including timer and popup location options which will automatically display the popup when the product is viewed or when your customer presses "Add to Cart"!

  • Offering your customer a discount when they "Add to Cart" is the best way to ensure they share your product. Who wouldn't want a discount just to share on Facebook! This is the perfect, cheap, and targeted marketing solution to share your products on Facebook.
  • Use date ranges and timers to set when your popups will be active and available to customers. This is great for setting up for a sale that starts next Monday at 7am!

  • Fully customizable popup text and styles

  • Monitor your marketing campaigns using detailed visual analytics for Facebook and Email Collection.

  • Shopify best app marketing strategy

  • Big product picture shares on Facebook! You can't buy that much ad space on Facebook!!

Choose how you want to use Popup Coupons

Using Popup Coupons is easy! Just choose one of the following ways to use the app and get started:

  1. Use individual ‘per product’ popup campaigns. Using different coupon codes and individual popups for each product, or collection of products

  2. Have a general popup on all of your products.

  3. A combination of both with multiple popup support.

  4. Get more visitors back to your shop with direct links back to your shop product page from Facebook when a customer shares a product.

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