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This app will let you to create a pricing policy for your products based on age, inventory, price and collection. Great for sales too!

Shopify Power Tools - Pricing Policy makes it easy to automate your prices and to run bulk discounts.

Discount based on rules

Product prices can be dependent on your inventory, product age, current price and what collection the product belongs to. Each set of rules can also have a valid date range - making it easy to run 24 hour sales, or longer sales throughout the year. Once a rule is matched the product can also be tagged, making it simple to create discount or sale collections.

Clear older stock

This app can also help with clearing older stock, which is particularly useful for fashion, technology other retail segments that have a frequently changing inventory. You can define discounts based on how old a product is, and if you have low inventory or even too much!

Price rounding

Prices can also be rounded to the nearest dollar - and other values such as $5, or 50c. Additionally you can also subtract a number of cents after the rounding. For example this makes it really easy to set your prices to $19.95 instead of $20.00 - giving you that professional touch.

You can also run simulations - just to see how your store will be effected at a future date.

This app is great for managing your day-to-day prices, while also giving you the ability create flash sales.

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Auto Collections is also available in the Power Tools Suite

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