Power Tools - Variant Filter

Developed by Power Tools

Do you have product variants, such as size or color, and need to filter on them? Tag your variants to ensure you only show available stock!

Filter by Variants

Have a store that sells items by size, color or other variant options? The Variant Tagger is a simple app that allows you to add tags to your products based on what is in stock.

For example say you have a product that is available in Red, Green and Blue. The Variant Tagger will add tags for each of these colors so your customers can filter to what they want. If you sell out of a variant then the app will automatically remove the tag for that variant only.

Sounds simple, but this type of filtering is not possible with Shopify by default as collections can only be set up to be filtered at the product level - not the variant level.

This app was originally designed to work with the Power Tools Filter Menu, to allow people to filter by size or color. While we think the Filter Menu is still the best option for filtering, if you want to use your existing theme's filters and have variant options then this app is a must.

As such we have made this it's own app, and best of all there is a free 5 day trial!

Start your FREE trial today!

Power Tools - Variant Tagger is also part of the Power Tools Suite, and works great with our other products such at the Filter Menu and Popular Sort.

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