POWr Image Resizer

Developed by POWr.io

Adjust image size, shape, filters, and more, without ever leaving your Shopify store!

➤ Fully-Customizable Right in Your Shopify Store

Choose from expert-designed templates, or take complete design control with customizable colors, borders, and backgrounds. Edit right in your Shopify page, with absolutely no coding or programming required.

➤ Photoshop-Style Filters

Resize, reshape, and re-imagine your images with free Photoshop-style filters, including grayscale, sepia, saturation, hue, opacity, brightness, contrast, blur, and more!

➤ Protect and Personalize

Protect your images with custom watermarks or disabled right-click. Personalize images with custom captions and animation controls.

➤ Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile responsive design means your store will look great on any phone, tablet, or computer.

➤ Getting Started

Click here for our full installation tutorial.

➤ More POWr Plugins

Check out other free POWr Plugins on Shopify!

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