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Developed by SolverCircle

Provides your customized sliding or toggle contact form in every page of the store and let users to send feedback or enquiry quickly.

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Quick Contact Form is a sliding or toggle contact form which is used to send message with customer name, phone number, email and subject. This module allows to send quick feedback or enquiry to the store owner.

Quick Contact Form is a nice looking contact form for your shopify store. There are more useful features and different styling options are available in this quick contact form app.

You have total control of your contact form design and there are plenty of layout options so you can take it as far as you like.

Store owner can view all the contact message, name, phone, email, and subject with submitted date & time from admin panel.

This app has designed to create a simple but powerful contact form which is send message easily and hassle free within few seconds.

Quick Contact Form App is a full-featured contact form solution that can simply be added to any Shopify websites. It is very flexible and compatible with many existing module in the Shopify repository.

Quick Contact Form App is fully customizable for the users. User can easily setup and configure the module into the new or existing Shopify store.


  • There are plenty of customization options in admin panel.

  • Store owner can customize basic settings and form style from admin panel.

  • Store owner can view all the Contact Message, Name, Phone, Email, and Subject with Submitted Date & Time from admin panel.

  • Store owner can activate/deactivate plugin.

  • Contact form sliding speed can change 0 to 100 seconds.

  • Content position can change to left or right.

  • Custom toggle button, content form logo and background image can upload.

  • Store owner can set or remove background image to contact form.

  • Contact form fields name (Full Name, Phone Number, Email, Subject and Message) can be change from “Basic Settings” option.

  • In “Form Style Settings” option user can set forms Height, Width, Background Color, Border Color, Border Size, Font Size and Font Color.

  • In “Button Style Settings” option user can set Button Text, Button Width, Button Alignment, Button Color and Hover Color.

  • There are Custom CSS options for advanced users who have knowledge about css (cascading style sheet).

Demo Store

We have a demo store to show this app in action:

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