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What's your customer retention rate? What percent of customers are loyal? Who are you at risk of losing? It's super easy to find out now!

Best Value App to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

80% of shoppers buy from an online store once, and never again. That's 4 out of 5 customers that don't come back! After all your hard work to acquire them in the first place, that's crazy. You need to build a sustainable business, and RetentionGrid will help you do that. We are jam packed with features and through our blog we pass on everything we know about customer retention.

Do you know your one-time buyer rate? How many of your orders come from repeat purchases? Do you know what percent of your customers are loyal? Do you know what customers you're losing? Connect the app to your shop and in minutes you'll see your data like never before.

RetentionGrid isn’t just about understanding your customer loyalty. We also help you improve it. Our smarter email marketing lets you personalize emails based on customers’ behavior.

Jam Packed with Features

  • Intuitive Loyalty Segments - See your customers like never before. You’ll understand whose loyal, who’s not and where to take action, all at-a-glance.

  • Smart Filters & Advanced Segments - Create custom segments, find your Big Spenders, target your Coupon Clippers, and send different campaigns by country..

  • Personal Product Recommendations - Inject recommended products into your campaigns to catch your customer's eyes and get them clicking for more.

  • Customer Lifecycle Analytics - Convert more one-time buyers into repeat customers to increase profitability and build greater customer lifetime value.

  • Broadcast Emails by Segment - The easy-to-use campaign creation editor allows you to design, test and send emails to your customers on the fly.

  • Triggered Lifecycle Campaigns - Set ’em and forget ’em – automated lifecycle emails can be triggered based on days since last order or number of orders.

  • Advertising Retargeting Lists - Segment, filter and download email lists that can be used for retargeting with Facebook Custom Audiences and more.

  • Download CSVs - Email your customers directly from RetentionGrid or if you prefer, simply download you segments to use in another email service like Mailchimp.

  • Repeat Order Tracking - Monitor revenue from repeat orders over time to track the impact of your retention marketing.

  • Performance & Revenue Reporting - Monitor campaign performance: opens, clicks and revenue helps you learn what keeps your customer coming back.

  • Every new customer gets a 14-day Free Trial to try all features. Then after that there is no contract and you can cancel anytime.

    Keep Your Customers Coming Back with RetentionGrid

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