SEO \u0026 Social Meta Manager

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Take full control of your Shopify Store SEO with our All-in-One Meta Manager: Page Titles/Descriptions, NoFollow/NoIndex, Social and more!

Make Your Shop Stand Out

Take full control of your Shopify store's SEO with our all-in-one Meta data manager for Social and Search.

Picture this: you're running a Shopify store selling dinosaur T-shirts. A potential customer types "dinosaur T-shirts online" into Google, and hey presto, there's your store in the search results - along with all your competitors in the cutthroat world of pterodactyl fashion.

So whose link are they going to click? Your competitor's bland and boring generic text, or your unique Page Title with accompanying custom Description?

Making yourself visible, unique and relevant in the results of search engines like Google and Bing is the best way to bring in traffic - and once you're ranking, you want to make sure you stay there. SEO & Social Meta Manager gives you all the tools you need to make your shop an irresistible choice in one simple package.

Take Control of your Store

Improve your store's visibility in Google and Bing with custom Page Title and Description editing, ensure search engines use your carefully crafted copy instead of data drawn from web directories, and become a social sharing powerhouse with full Twitter Card, G+ Authorship & Facebook sharing meta markup. Need to NoIndex? No problem, with our easy-to-use Robots management system.

It's the only Shopify SEO and Social Management tool you'll need.

  • Manage Robots NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW

  • Add NOODP and NOYDIR site wide - required to stop search engines using directory listing descriptions for your pages instead of your own which could cause SEO problems.

  • Complete control over what information you want to share with Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Including images, text, links and more.

  • Install in under 20 seconds and unleash your websites full search engine potential with the ability to add unique titles, descriptions, sharing images and a whole host of other features.

  • Link to your Google+ account to add all-important authorship to your Shopify product descriptions, protecting your stores text from being copied by others.

Free 5 Day Trial!

Sound good? You don't have to take our word for it. Sign up today for your free 5 day trial and see for yourself just how much SEO & Social Meta Manager can add to your store.

Just Want NoFollow/NoIndex?

If you don't need the full range of features provided by the SEO & Social Meta Manager, but like the sound of NoFollow and NoIndex control, we've still got you covered. The NoFollow & NoIndex Manager is a dedicated lightweight plugin for handling page-by-page NoFollow and NoIndex attribute tagging for just $1 a month - and there's a 5 day free trial available, too!

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