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Shipping 200+ orders a day? ShipHero is your best choice. NRF Digital Commerce Startup of the Year finalist.

See why the largest Shopify stores choose ShipHero

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ShipHero gives larger Shopify stores the ability to ship multiple orders at a time using a batch pick on iPads, track employee performance and reduce shipping costs with automated real time rate shopping, while allowing for high levels of accuracy including optional barcode scanning.

NRF Digital Commerce Startup of the Year Finalist.

As on Bloomberg, TechCrunch and eCommerceFuel.

Over $175,000,000 shipped using ShipHero.

Want to reduce
costs while improving accuracy, accountability and output across your
ecommerce business? It's ShipHero to the rescue!

  • Paperless – Pick
    tickets can get lost or damaged. ShipHero delivers all the info your
    pickers need right to iPods and iPads, keeping them mobile while
    putting all the crucial order information at their fingertips.

  • Flexible – Growing
    fast? ShipHero scales with you. Easily add users, stations, channels
    and more as your business ramps up.

  • Centralized
    Seamlessly sync & manage all of your orders across multiple
    platforms, sales channels and stores.

  • Powerful - Handle
    inventory management, shipping, reporting, purchase orders,
    receiving, returns, order management, cycle counting and plenty
    more, all with same tool.

Once installed, ShipHero couldn’t
be easier for your frontline staff to use. They simply download the
free app, punch in their unique user PIN code and they’re ready to
start picking, packing and tracking with ShipHero.

Reduce Shipping Errors by 90% (or More!)

ShipHero makes it almost impossible
for shipping mistakes to happen, with features that work with the way
real people pick and pack on the warehouse floor.

  • Product Images - Thumbnail
    images make it much easier to identify the right product while

  • Automatic Quantity
    Notifications –
    Notifications pop up when item quantity is
    greater than one, requiring pickers to enter and confirm what
    they’ve grabbed.

  • Barcode Scanning – Any
    remaining chances for error are virtually eliminated with
    built-in barcode scanning on pick, pack or both.

Update & Sync Your Inventory Everywhere

ShipHero gives you a perfectly
accurate, up-to-the-second picture of how many items are on the
shelf, allocated to orders, needed for backorder and reserved.

  • Multiple Stores &
    - Inventory numbers are instantly synced across
    Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce and more the moment you
    make a sale.

  • Multi-Warehouse – Track
    stock, orders and shipping across as many warehouses as you need.

Track Order Status in Real Time

Know exactly where orders are at and
make changes any time before your order is shipped.

  • Order Status – See
    whether an order has been picked and packed, as well who packed it
    and when.

  • Last-Minute Updates –
    Orders, shipping addresses and methods can be instantly updated
    until the moment they’re shipped - no need to call down to the

  • Order & Item Notes
    Pickers see notes left by customer service or other pickers;
    everyone operates with the same information at their fingertips.

Make Inventory Counting Painless

With ShipHero, inventory numbers are
automatically updated as orders flow in and out - no more costly
downtime or painful manual counting.

  • Automate Cycle Counts –
    Real time inventory updates make counting an ongoing background
    process instead of a show-stopping pain in the butt.

  • Prioritized Lists –
    Inventory is automatically prioritized to count the items most
    likely to be wrong first. Easily adjust lists if you need to reorder
    or priorities change.

  • Set Counting Goals – Set
    counting goals on a per-user basis, see how close employees are to
    meeting their goal and reward them as soon as they’re finished.

Play Well With Others

integrates easily with Amazon, eBay, FBA and Shipwire.

Connect to the Xero accounting
platform to make managing invoicing and tax time hassle-free.

Other Awesome Features

  • Product bundling & kitting

  • Auto-calculate purchase orders

  • Print product barcodes

  • Manage returns with RMAs

  • Generate Pre-paid labels

  • And more!

Shipping Options

Ship via UPS,
USPS using Endicia with discounted rates from Express 1, FedEx, FedEx
Smart Post, DHL, Canada Post and Australia Post.

ShipHero also
supports automated shipping via the cheapest option.

Priced for Growing Businesses

$299 for small
businesses (1 – 3 stations, 4 sales channels and up to 6 users)
$499 for enterprise (5 stations, unlimited sales channels and

All plans come
with unlimited SKUs, labels, reports, purchase orders and
industry-leading onboarding and customer support.

customized workflows or added functionality?

Our support team would be glad to help

Dedicated Customer Support

Whether it’s a question, concern
or hands-on help with installation, you can always reach us at
877-671-6011 or email us at

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