Simple Admin

Developed by eTechFocus

Simple yet powerful admin tool to add past orders, modify meta fields and more

Simple Admin, as a companion tool to Shopify admin, provides a powerful and flexible way to manage your products, customers, orders and other data.

It is FREE during beta period.

Quick access to all data

You can quickly see all the available data including meta fields that are currently hidden in the main admin UI.

Create manual orders

You can create manual orders easily. We even expose the processed_at field where you can specify the date for past orders.

Manage meta fields

You can find out what meta fields have been imported by different apps. Also, you can add your own meta fields to store additional information about customers, products or even orders.

Custom views

Allow you to build your own custom view of products, customers and other data. You will be able to integrate 3rd party data into your custom view.

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