Special Offers: Cross-sell/Upsell, BOGO, Discounts, and more!

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Cross-sell / Upsell for Online Store. Various promos for Shopify POS: Buy X for $, Buy X Get Y, Discount/Sale, and more!

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Cross-sell / Upsell for your Online Store

One of the most effective way to increase your revenue is it sell more to existing customers. It costs much less than brining new customers onboard.

Cross-sell / Upsell allows you do easily to that. For example:

  • When customers add a pair of Shoes to cart, ask them to add a Shoe Cleaning Kit or a pair of Socks too

  • When customers add a Shirt to cart, ask them to add a Tie too

  • When customers checkout with a pair of Pants in their cart, prompt them to also add Belts

Various promos for Shopify POS

Skip training your staff weekly for what offers to apply. Promos just work just as you defined them.

Add desired Special Offers in the admin interface.

In Shopify POS, tap cart "..." menu at top-right and choose Apply Special Offers.

Flexible Applicability rules

  • only for cart amounts equal or more than (e.g. Spend more than $100 to get this offer)

  • choose exact date & time for the offer to begin, or end

  • only for signed in customers, or tagged with a tag

  • exclude signed in customers tagged with some tags (e.g. Wholesale)


Can I set specific start/end times for an offer? How about being applicable only to some customers?

Yes! In the offer details, please see Applicability section.

Upsell popup is shown just once

By default, the app remembers a popup was shown for a product to a customer, and avoids showing popups for the same product for a few hours in order to avoid annoying customers.
You can change the remember duration in Themes > special-offers.liquid, variable window.saso_config.upsell_ttl

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