Teezily Plus

Developed by Teezily

With Teezily Plus you don't need to hinder your creativity all the prices include your design and all the colors you need.

Teezily Plus handles fulfillment of your t-shirt orders so you can focus scaling your business. Our production facilities in the US and EU work nonstop to make sure you have higher margins, faster shipping, and happier customers.

You just bring great designs and tons of orders, Teezily Plus handles the rest.

Useful like a chocolate teapot

So how does Teezily Plus work ?

- You install the app
- You select the product type you want to sell
- You upload high-resolution artwork
- You publish to Shopify and put your item for sale

When your customer places an order, that order is routed to Teezily Plus. We will print, pack, and ship the order directly to your customer. You don't need to worry about stock levels with this method.

We also offer the ability to place bulk pre-orders for your bestselling products. This gives you a chance to significantly increase your profit margins for that product.

Quality you can count on

Our apparel is created with the latest in garment printing technology and our inks are water based and eco-friendly.

All EU and US orders have tracking at low shipping rates

When we send an item, we automatically trigger the Shopify shipping notification with the tracking code, which is sent to your end customer so they know where their package is.

Whenever you receive an order on shopify you just need to process it on Teezily Plus and we take care of the shipping and handling usually within 3-5 business days.

What can I sell?

Teezily Plus enables you to sell many different kinds of products, including:

T-shirts - Choose between Gildan or Hanes blanks
Tank Tops - Choose between Solo or Gildan blanks
Hoodies - Choose between Gildan or Solo hoodies

Your profit margin is up to you ! On average our users are around 50%.

Who is using Teezily Plus ?

Teezily Plus already powers the on-demand merchandising of hundreds of awesome Shopify power sellers'stores.

More questions ?
You want to start using Teezily Plus ?

You want to order samples of your designs, please contact us at plus@teezily.com

About Teezily Plus

After two years of prolific success Teezily, the leading european online platform for custom apparel, has decided to go one step further and to launch a new revolutionary app, Teezily Plus.

Hundreds of people make their full-time living on Teezily, thousands supplement their income, and millions have purchased and love our products, but our work is far from done.

If you're interested in our Fulfillment API, you can check this out here : plus.teezily.com/apidocs

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