Tiviclick - Video Chat for every website

Developed by Intech Technologies Ltd.

Live Video Chat with customers enables your business to sell more and establish personal relations as a major key success factor.

TiviClick - Live Video Chat

Face-to-face Video Chat with customers enables your business to establish personal relations, build credibility and brand, and encourages a sense of trust and loyalty as a key success factor.

Video Chat with customers transforms your website into the active front desk of your business where you can:

  • Close more deals.

  • Manage customer support.

  • Interview new job candidates.

  • Save Time, Travel and Money.
  • TiviClick Video Chat is the catalyst to increase sales revenues.

    Video Chat

  • Live face to face Video Chat.

  • You can close more deals and provide better service.

  • You can schedule business meetings and jobs interviews.
  • Audio Chat

    When visitor at your website send a Chat request -
    You can select the best type of chat for the moment:

  • Text, Voice or Video Chat.

  • Each side has a full control on their own Microphone and Webcam.
  • Invite person to Video meeting

    Every registered user at your TiviClick account can invite any person to Video Chat.
    You just need to mail your unique TiviClick secret key and schedule the meeting.
    Save time, save travel and make more personal contacts.

    Text Chat

    Advanced multi featured live text chat between website visitors and real agents.
    Agent can respond to many visitors simultaneously and invite an additional agent
    to join a chat. Each side can print, save and mail the text chat content.

    Contact us form - Mail messages

    When you are not available for live chat, visitor can send a general mail message
    or directly to a specific agent in case that agent's list is displayed.

    How to install Tiviclick App.

    1. Create your new account at http://tiviclick.com/admin/login.php#create

    2. In left menu - click "Install" and find the 2 code lines (in a gray frame).

    3. Go to Themes in your Shopify admin.

    4. Choose Template Editor.

    5. Open themes.liquid

    6. Copy the 2 code lines from Tiviclick install page and paste before the body tag in HTML

    7. In the left menu of Tiviclick Admin Click "Account" where you can configure your Tiviclick Chat widget and manage account users (Agents)

    Add Agents

    A registered user (agent) at your TiviClick account is everyone who can receive and
    respond chat requests in his / her CHAT page and invite another person to chat.
    You can add agent's photo, specializations, department and languages.

    Configure to your style

    You can select the header of chat widget and decide if you want your agents list to be
    displayed, so that a website's visitor can select an agent to chat with.
    You can design by select colors to your chat frame.

    Multi Lingual widget

  • No matter which language you need for your chat frames.

  • If you don't find your language - please let us know.

  • TiviClick supplies a short language file where you can translate from English to any
    language and return to us to be installed.
  • Back Office

    TiviClick provides a set of log reports, showing chats history by agent and by time.
    Each account manager has an access to the reports area.


    Tiviclick is a SaaS - Software as a Service Video Chat for every website.
    Please find our monthly price list at www.tiviclick.com/pricing

    Operators guide

    For your implementation success and increase your benefit with Tiviclick, Please read our operator's guide


    Please Contact us for support

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