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Why you should use the Product Catalog Builder for your business

ZINation is a complete online e-merchandising solution, enabling effortless creation of totally shoppable e-catalogs and other digital sales and marketing assets. Convert static paper, ecommerce sites, or online product lists to professional, browsable, shoppable catalogs. Since ZINation is totally automated, it enables fully customized merchandising content to be created on an “as needed” basis from your unified database. Our customers have seen an increase in sales up to 68%, while reducing the effort to create such catalogs by 90%.

Imagine your sales force being able to curate custom sales catalogs on the fly for your customers. For example, a member of your sales team is at a customer’s office discussing a potential sales deal of specific products from your line. Your sales rep can curate a catalog with those specific products in seconds for the customer and have an e-catalog or PDF to them before they leave the building. That is the power of the ZINation engine.

Your business is unique. Our customers find new and powerful ways to apply ZINation to their sales and marketing processes every day, saving time and money while boosting results. Contact us to see what ZINation can do for your business.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "We regularly use our Zine space to promote products across multi-channels, which has fundamentally changed our Business.” Phil Reynolds - Owner of Contract Furniture Store & Teddy and Beau, Shopify Store.

Our catalog coaches are ready to help you through the catalog creation process and give you tips on how to use catalogs to increase your sales.

How it Works

As a Shopify store owner you can try ZINation for free. This gives you the full ZINation experience without any restrictions. Once you are happy with the end product, you will have the option of subscribing to ZINation in order to publish your catalog.

1. Launch

Before you begin, determine the audience that you want to attract and the type of catalog that you want to produce, such as a gift guide, sales flyer, new product launch, or a sales tool targeted to a specific customer. Import any products that are currently not in ZINation so that you can create browsable and shoppable catalogs instantly from your imported products.

2. Design

While creating your catalog, you can customize your product descriptions, images and prices without affecting your online store. You can maintain a consistent theme throughout your catalog, upload lifestyle images to include in the catalog, and choose from many different layouts.

3. Publish

When you are satisfied with your catalog, you can publish it across multiple sales channels. There are many options for sharing your catalog. You can embed it directly into your online store, create a PDF that you can distribute electronically or through print, or even share on your social networks. You can also share your catalog privately to specific customers at different price points.

Frequently Asked Question

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★“We would spend a total of 50 staff hours each week to create these catalogs… ZINation has cut that time down to 5 hours a week. Our clients love the catalogs, and we have seen a jump in revenue from 45k a month to 70k a month. Their technology is incredibly simple and intuitive, there customer service is fantastic and the benefits to my business are innumerable.” Julius Haralampou - Owner of Aven Republic, Shopify Store.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★“We regularly use our Zine space to promote products across multi-channels, which has fundamentally changed our Business. All you need is imagination, ZINation does the rest.” Phil Reynolds - Owner of Contract Furniture Store & Teddy and Beau, Shopify Store.

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