Firecart - Marketing Automation for Shopify

Developed by Canvass

Marketing Automation helps you convert more visitors into paid customers by sending timely & relevant messages based on customer behavior.

Are you manually managing different customers segments to send targeted marketing messages?

Install Firecart's Marketing Automation app for Shopify and instantly increase your sales & marketing ROI by sending timely relevant triggered email & sms messages.

Firecart is an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation solution for online stores. This product by Canvass is used by over 1000 companies all over the world ( & (

Our features & solutions include the following:

Easily Sync Customer Data:
Once integrated, all the new registrations & customer information from your shopify store gets synced with Firecart.

Monitor Store Visitors:
Firecart identifies and monitors every individual visitor on your shopify store. The data is automagically tracked to an individual customer once the visitor registers on your store.

Automatically Segment Customers:
Based on customer behavior, Firecart automatically segments your customers into appropriate lists.

Send Automated / Triggered Emails & SMS:
Create automation workflows using Firecart & send personalized emails based on specific events or activities of a particular user.

Capture Leads on Website:
Grow your email and leads database by adding a newsletter signup widget, an exit intent popup and sending an automated email response to leads who get captured.

Send New User Welcome Email Series:
Welcome your new website registrants/users with a special series of preconfigured emails / drip emails.

Setup Abandoned Cart Email Reminders:
Send a timely cart abandonment email. You can use this activity to nudge your users with a personalized cart abandonment email.

Setup Referral Marketing Program:
Let your customers become your brand ambassadors with a state of the art customer referral program. You can setup & launch an automated incentive driven customer referral program from your website, email, social media and mobile device.

Greet a First Time buyer:
You can create a special workflow to greet your first time buyers. This activity sends an automated email to users who have made their first purchase (total orders = 1) and adds them to a special "Active Users" list.

Setup Product Replenishment or Reorder Reminder:
Send a timely product replenishment/reorder reminder email to your customers a few days/weeks after their purchase.

Setup Birthday Emails:
Configure & setup automatic birthday offers and wishes through email & sms.

Create Landing Pages:
Create & launch beautiful lead generation forms/landing pages in minutes to capture leads, notify staff and send email autoresponders.

Collect Customer Feedback:
Capture and analyze feedback from customers on your website, social media, mobile device and email.

Send Newsletters, Emails & SMSes:
Apart from configuring and sending personalized automated emails, Firecart allows you to send promotional emails & SMS.

PS: SMS is available in certain countries only!

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"As someone who is not a techie, I find it incredibly simple to handle your portal and find my way around. I have been using another tool till now and this is much better I feel. It's simpler to construct a marketing e-mail. I really like it. It's also got a lot of great features like the drip marketing and automation which can really help an enterprise plan their marketing in a structured manner." - Jaydeep Halbe,

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