Wholesale Pricing by Supple

Developed by SuppleApps

Offer discounts to selected customers and collections in the same shop as retail. Multiple customer pricing levels, Volume & Minimums.

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How to work with Wholesalers

  1. wholesalers create a regular customer account

  2. they email you to approve their account as a wholesale account (including optional business info that you require)

  3. you tag that customer with "Wholesale" (or any tag that you created discounts for)

  4. approved wholesalers can login, browse the store & purchase at wholesale pricing

★★★★★ We've looked at other wholesale Apps that create additional products and variants - STEER CLEAR OF THESE. They are a total nightmare. Not so with Supple Wholesale. Very easy and simple to use.
    – Swift Fly Fishing

Create multiple, flexible discount rules

Applicable only to signed in, tagged customers (examples: wholesalers, premium or gold members). Wholesale prices are not shown in public anywhere, including Google Shopping Feeds.

Discounts are computed based on 'Compare at' price (Suggested retail price, MSRP) when it is set, otherwise on Price. For example, say an item costs $100, and Wholesalers have a 50% discount.
At some point you put the item on sale at $70, while leaving the Compare at price to $100. Regular customers will pay $70, and Wholesalers will pay $50.
If the item is on sale at $40, then everybody will pay $40 for it.

You can discount different collections by different amounts. If a product is in multiple collections with different discounts, you choose if the largest or smallest discount applies.

Wholesalers can order from any collection, not just the discounted ones.

Multiple customer pricing levels, each customer type having different discounts, work fine.

100% Compatible with all inventory apps (unlike all other apps)

★★★★★ I had problems with Customer Pricing app since they are not supporting Multiple Currency and also it didn't synchronize Quantity variants. This app works exactly like I wanted. I definately think it is a better idea to past by the Coupon feature than the multiple variants. Excellent support also. Good job.
    – Makani Fins

★★★★★ Have really enjoyed the fact that it doesn't create variants for each product discount. This has re-enabled us to use Shopify's inventory management feature (previously impossible with other solutions). The support from the dev team has also been fantastic and highly responsive.
    – Compass Coffee

★★★★★ After trying a few other wholesale apps that were full of glitches or did not work with inventory trackers, we were about to give up and just do a separate website for wholesale. We tried this as a last resort...The setup was easy, super fast, and the support has been amazing.
    – Island Cowgirl

Selected customers get appropriate discounts

Only approved Wholesalers (customers that you tagged) see discounted prices as they browse the shop.

Non-applicable customers (e.g. not signed in, or not tagged) see only regular prices.

Offer Net15/Net30 payment terms to customers tagged 'net30' ($99 setup fee)

In cart, net30 customers will see an option to Choose a Shipping Address and Checkout with Net30 Payment.

Order will be created directly with wholesale prices (no discount code), and the optional Extra fees/Shipping that can be set in app also apply.

You will have to followup with the customer to collect payment, including potential variable shipping fees.

★★★★★ Great app and great company to work with!
I tried several other wholesale pricing apps, and this is by far the best!!! Very easy to use and easy setup. Responsive and friendly technical support. Because the app uses discount codes (as opposed to product variant pricing), there is no downtime when making price changes or price imports.

Tax exemption

In some countries, retailers and resellers don’t pay sales tax on wholesale purchases.

To enable tax exemption for desired customers, go to Customers section and edit customer Overview.

Require minimums to get discount

For each customer group, you can require a minimum order value or quantity in order to get the discount.

Advanced feature: require Minimum Order Quantity per collection (requires a one-time fee to activate).

Orders with less than minimum are allowed, but paid at regular, full price.

Volume Discounts

Offer additional discounts for large orders (requires a one-time fee to activate).

Volume Discount Types

  • Discounted cart total amount

  • Cart total quantity

  • A product quantity

Easily recognize Wholesale orders

Give staff a "heads up" that an order was a wholesale or membership order, by looking at the appropriate order group.

Comparison between Membership and Wholesale apps

What our wonderful customers say

★★★★★ Been using for a couple of months now and the app is definitely the best we've tried - as mentioned by other reviewers it overcomes the limitations of some other apps that rely on variants to create the discounts.
Overall a great app - indeed the only one we've tried which actually does the job effectively.
    – Eternal Creation

Just the app we have been searching for for over three years now! Supple Wholesale does what so many other wholesale apps have been unable to, restricting customers from checking out with a quantity greater than what we have in our Shopify inventory. This was our biggest concern as we keep limited inventory on hand and would otherwise risk over allocating at any given time. The service is extremely fast, professional, and better than any other we have yet to come across, the app itself is perfectly user friendly, and the end result is a seamless, hassle and worry-free wholesale process for both us and our retailers. Orders process through as they normally would and are shipped just as any other order would be by our fulfillment company. Highly recommended over any other wholesale app out there- and believe me, we've tried them all!
    – Midori Bikinis

★★★★★ Was using a similar app but the difference is I no longer have to pause my site to effect price changes and when import/exporting of my spreadsheets. I believe Supple Apps have got it right with this app, and would encourage you to give it a try.
    – Just Bike Tyre

★★★★★ Supple App is the perfect solution to our problem. We needed something that allowed us to give different retailers access to our products at different pricing tiers and Supple Wholesale makes this possible. The customer service is EXCELLENT! setting the app up was a breeze!
    – Backyard Hibachi

★★★★★ This is the third piece of wholesale software we tried, and the one we're sticking with. Supple Wholesale was available to help us with issues customizing the software to meet our specific needs within hours instead of days, and for a fraction of the cost.
We couldn't be happier with Supple, and highly recommend it.
    – The Dragontree Apothecary

Set & Forget

Unlike other apps, there's no need to "pause" rules and wait before and after you update prices, or when you export or import products.
Product price changes are instant.
Newly added products take up to 1 day to be eligible for wholesale discounts.

One shop, Zero hassles.

Our innovative approach relies on built-in Shopify features: discount codes, tax management.
There is no duplication of products or variants, which would have implied more work to manage inventory, fulfillment, or hide discounted variants from 3rd party shops (e.g. Facebook store or Google shopping).

When the app is setup, we create many discount codes for various amounts: every $0.10 up to $25, and every $1 up to $2,000 by default (let us know if you need more). To be easily recognizable, all are prefixed with "saWholesale".

The discounted subtotal needs to be rounded to Original cart subtotal minus Wholesale discount, in order to match one of the existing discount codes.
If the discounted subtotal is smaller than $25, rounding is to nearest $0.10.
When larger than $25, rounding is to nearest $1. Both roundings are always in customer's favor. The maximum rounding is at most 0.99 for entire order.

In cart, app computes applicable discounts and automatically applies appropriate discount code. The app also fills in order notes field with prices for each item, for customer's reference. Detailed pricing notes are visible both in customer's My Account, and in your Admin.

Shopify POS seamless integration

To start using Wholesale on POS

  • create at least a discount rule for a chosen customer tag, in Wholesale app

  • click Synchronize products

  • tag customer(s) in Shopify Admin

  • add an existing, tagged customer to POS cart

  • choose Apply Wholesale Discounts from cart menu

Custom functionality available on demand

Need custom functionality for your wholesalers or members? For example...

  • show some pages, collections or products only to wholesalers

  • hide some products from wholesalers / members

  • display some navigation menu items only to wholesalers

  • hide prices for customers which aren't signed in

We can fulfill your needs with custom theme coding. Tell us more at [email protected] and get a free quote for our development services. With one-time custom development fees, you avoid high priced monthly subscriptions.

Comparison between Membership and Wholesale apps


  • Up to 500 monthly wholesale orders: $24 /mo

  • Up to 2,000 monthly wholesale orders: $49 /mo

  • Unlimited orders: $99 /mo

Setting up first theme: free

Setting up additional themes: $25

Net15/Net30 payment terms: $99 (one-time)

Advanced Minimums: $99 (one-time)

Volume Discounts: $99 (one-time)

★★★★★ This app was my savior, we tried Bold apps Customer Pricing before this and it was a fail for our store.
This app is great, so easy to use and it does not create doubles of your products! And the support was great. Highly recommend!
    – Southern Grace Outfitters


How do I work with Wholesalers?

Wholesalers are regular customer accounts on your shop, tagged with the tag that you chose in Wholesale app.

Create a Wholesale page, which explains how potential wholesalers can work with you. Add it to your site navigation. Here's an example

After you review their info, find their customer record in your Customers section, and tag it with the tag that you chose in Wholesale app (use exactly the same case)

To enable tax exemption for desired customers, go to Customers section and edit customer Overview.

How can I set a custom price for each individual product?

After discussing in depth with over 10 businesses which requested per-product prices initially, we discovered it would actually be time consuming for merchants in the long run.

The solution that proved better for most merchants was to ignore regular collections that customers see. Instead, they created hidden collections named "Wholesale 25%", "Wholesale 40%", "Wholesale 50%" etc, representing various margins, and then added products to one of these collections.
For example, shirt A is both in "Shirts" and "Wholesale 30" collections.

Next, they created discount rules for margin collections, which are always hidden from all customers, including wholesalers.

For example, shirt A and shoes B have a 30% margin. Shirt S and belt T have a 36% margin.

Besides saving time in the long run, as merchants didn't have to update long spreadsheets weekly, businesses also slightly increased revenue, as real margins were rounded to appropriate percentage collection.

What do I have to do to hide wholesale prices from Google Shopping feeds, Facebook shops, Pinterest?

Nothing, there is no need to. Instead of creating duplicated variants or products, this app relies on Shopify Discount codes, which are applied during checkout.

Does this app work with other pricing apps, such as Sale Rack or Power Tools Pricing Policy?

Yes! As we don't create variants or duplicate products, there are no extra updates required.
Any price changes reflect instantly on Wholesale or Membership prices.

Can I offer different shipping rates for wholesalers only?

No, sorry. Wholesalers go through the regular checkout process, and Shopify doesn't support different rates for different customer groups.

It would be best to factor shipping costs into the discounts you're setting up.

Can I offer different payment terms wholesalers only? e.g. net 15, net 30

It's not possible to have different payment methods for different customers in the same shop, as Shopify doesn't support this and no app can do it.

However, you can add new payment options, such as direct deposit/manual etc, and name them for example "Wholesale only: Direct deposit net 30".
This way regular customers should avoid selecting that, even though it's visible to everybody.

Can I offer promos to Wholesalers, considering only one discount code can be used?

Yes. Temporary higher discounts can be easily enabled by adding a new discount rule, selecting promo collections and a higher discount percentage.
When promo period is complete, just disable the promo rule and click Synchronize.

If a product is in multiple collections with different discounts, by default the largest discount applies (can be changed in Settings).

Can customers abuse discount codes?

A wholesaler could add many products to cart, start checkout, see the discount code for $500, go back to shop, remove some products and use the $500 discount code.
That being said, every placed order is checked by the app. If a larger discount code is used than the applicable one, you will get a warning email with order details, to double-check and possibly cancel the order.

Getting a warning email doesn't necesarily mean the customer intended a fraud.
Possible causes for inappropriate discounts being used include

★★★★★ We were having issues using the Customer Pricing app. This app is 100x better and exactly what we needed.
We're constantly updating prices and inventory on a daily/automatic basis and this app makes that possible. GREAT SUPPORT as well!
    – Advanced Controls & Distribution

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